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Beauty & Fashion

Clothes shopping has always been difficult for me. I’m tall and curvy…BUT tall people clothes aren’t always for curvy people and curvy people’s clothes aren’t always for tall people. They have Big & Tall for men, but nothing like that for women…until I found Lularoe. Not only does Lularoe have clothing for my tall and curvy figure, but they have clothing for a variety of body shapes, and I can wear multiple sizes, which broadens my choices.

Brittnee Gilles is one of my absolute favorite Lularoe consultants. She’s super sweet, and has an AMAZING selection of clothes in all different sizes and styles. Check her out here!


When it comes to make-up, I’m in the “bold lips are a neutral” camp…which means reapplying lip colors over and over again as the day goes on. However, I’m also a busy teacher and time reapplying in front of a mirror just doesn’t appeal to me. I could do so much with all those moments spent in front of a mirror…so imagine my surprise when I discovered LipSense. I didn’t actually believe this was going to stay. I had some on my hand, and I kept my sleeve rolled way up because there was no way I’d be able to get that fuchsia out of my denim jacket! Only I realized it wasn’t budging…could this truly be lip color that LASTS?!?!

SeneGence products not only last (through coffee, water, buttery pasta, and so much more), their facial products helped moisturize my skin way better than any other products I’ve ever tried (and I’ve tried quite a few!). My SeneGence Distributor, the AMAZING Coty Graf can help you find your perfect shades of lip color, shadow (that seriously doesn’t budge!), and foundation…PLUS, she’s a make-up artist, so she can even help you get ready for events! Check her website out here:

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