Monday Meals is my opportunity to share a (mostly) clean eating recipe with you. Sometimes, they will be recipes I create. Other times, they will be recipe’s I’ve found. These are recipes that I have tried and love, and I’ll give you my notes on the recipe: things I might alter, future plans to improve the recipe, etc.

Today, we’ve got a recipe I found online. I’ll give you the link to the recipe (check out their website, please, and let them know you came from Flab To Fab Life!). I’ll also give you my notes on the recipe: things I might alter, future plans, etc.

I happen to love Chinese food, but it is often very high in sodium and fried in lots of oils. This recipe sounded delicious, and when I finally tracked it all down, I discovered that it was better than takeout! Frugal Healthy Life is a great resource for delicious recipes!

Get the recipe here:

My Notes:

I pretty much make this one as is, though I’m thinking I might add even more of the shredded cabbage mix in the future. It’s just as delicious the next day, and I’ve even enjoyed it cold!

Make sure to use a low sodium soy sauce or coconut aminos, and pour carefully! This is one time where you really don’t want to over pour!

For what it’s worth, I almost like this better with ground turkey or ground chicken.

How did the recipe go for you? Share your pictures with me!




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