Hey! Stephanie here.

You might notice that there are links on my website that go to outside resources. These links may be what is referred to as an “affiliate link” which means I could earn money if you end up clicking on one and purchase/sign up for that service/product.

The Good News: There is no extra cost to you. You’ll get the same (if not better) deal that you would get if you went to their website on your own. Plus, if I’m showing it on my website, you know it’s going to be a good resource! Only the best for my Fab Lifers!

The Bad News: There isn’t any! I share links to things that help me live a more fabulous life, and I’ll share awesome discounts and coupon codes when I can as well. I want to spread the wealth!

To recap: Affiliate links cost you NOTHING. They allow me to generate a little extra income by providing you with tools and resources that I know are reliable and awesome. If you choose to purchase something through me and use one of my affiliate links, thank you!